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Service Provider of Desktop Based Application Testing

Techwrappers Solution is a software application testing company that provides top-class quality assurance of applications working with popular desktop platforms. Whether you need desktop application testing service for either Windows or OS X, our testers will help you with this task. Beyond dispute, those operating systems are the most common among end-users, but we’re also ready to take care of desktop testing on UNIX-like systems.

We provide the best application testing services of Desktop Based Application Testing in Indore (India) with affordable cost.


Windows Platform

Have a desktop app to be verified on Windows? Our team has a powerful experience with all versions of this system and we’ll gladly take the job.

OS X Platform

Apple users are the most spoiled with different applications. Therefore, if you want your OS X app to be a success, you have to make it being perfect. We are happy to help!

LINUX Platforms

It’s impossible to test application and determine their level of usability on LINUX platform without any experience with. We’re very excited to take up the program for LINUX and participate in such an interesting project!