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About 25% of users delete an app after a single use and never reinstall it, which means that all the efforts, time and money spent on the app development were simply in vain. How to reduce this alarming rate? The answer is in quality mobile app testing that we are ready to provide.

Our test engineers look into functional and non-functional app features, as well as mobile technology specifics (mobile gestures, numerous operation systems and screen resolutions) and various external factors that may hamper the app work (network conditions, interruptions by calls, SMS and more).

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iOS Platform

Our iOS software testers will provide you with all types of testing for your iPhone or iPad application to make sure it works properly, is convenient for user and is reliable.

Android Platform

Android is one of the most popular platforms which is used on many types of devices, that’s why it’s very important to make sure your apps works properly on all of them.

Windows Platform

Windows app development is widespread all over the world. Our specialists are experienced in Windows app testing, so they will help you to create a high-quality product.