Battery Dealership Management Software

Get real-time insights, automate tasks, and turn data into profitable growth, all on a single platform built especially for battery dealerships.


Battery Dealership business operations are an unorganized & vast in nature. Before choosing Battery Dealership Software, "Dealers" used several utilities & hard copies of documents to manage their everyday work and that made their work less effective because of data double-entry at various places. The dealers' required fast and easily accessible information on the dealership's activities effectively. The Battery Dealerships needed to manage various activities, including the fast and precise supply of batteries, warranty & replacement management. "Battery Dealers" wanted to make their work effective starting from the purchase of battery to warranty & replace management to the accounting department and the management.


Battery Dealerships goal was to build a computerized system for an existing paper-oriented activity; that was required to be managed from a central location within various phases from pre & post purchase, sales and replacement. The online application should allow only authorized user to perform any action.


  • Only certain authorized users should be able to access the application, with relevant roles.
  • All the data must be available at centralized location with accurate information.
  • The solution should be accessible all time on various type of devices (like desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile)
  • A handy online support of the application must be in place.

Solution Delivered

The inception of the idea came in with a good level of analysis done on sales, purchase, replacement, accounting and other modules relating to smooth functioning of all the activities of a battery showroom. Initially few demo applications were showcased to the battery dealers and then finally covering all the additional inputs from the dealers the end product “Battery Showroom” application was developed. The application is developed in a manner to accept and adapt all the ongoing changes required for customization and implementation at different places as per the organization/client needs. The solution has been tried, tested, and trusted by most renowned battery brand names and ever-growing dealerships.

Technology Given


Framework Platform

PHP Codeigniter

Front-End Technology

HTML | CSS | JS | Jquery

Solution Benefits

  • Fast and accurate access to information (of sales, purchase, accounts, replacement etc modules).
  • Helpful in achieving sales growth and maintenance of all the information.
  • Reduction in data redundancies.
  • Enhanced decision making and resource utilization.
  • Support to multiple user login and multiple location management.
  • Accessible from various channels like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.