Increase advertising revenue and decrease costs


TECH-AGENCY Outdoor Advertising software is designed to manage and control the unique business operations of an Advertising Agency. The system offers a full compliment of features that address the specific needs of Client's Order, Vendor's Order, Operations and Management, and provides a comprehensive business management solution for an Outdoor Advertising Agency.

Solution Delivered

The process initiated with planning, brainstorming and building the most optimized solution initially for proof of concept. Once that was achieved and agency accepted the proof of concept; then the product was developed along with adding lots of new features. Since then the TECH-AGENCY product is emerging and many new requirements are getting implemented on continuous basis. The solution has been tried, tested, and trusted by world's most renowned names.

Technology Given


Framework Platform

PHP Codeigniter

Front-End Technology

HTML | CSS | JS | Jquery

Solution Benefits

  • Improved decision making
  • Improved access to information.
  • Better response to new business needs.
  • Reduction in data redundancies.