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An Online Software For Battery Shops/Dealerships covering operational processes which are vast in nature.

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  • Showroom Management
  • Workshop Management
  • Account Management
  • GST Reporting


Tractor Dealership business operations are an unorganized & vast in nature. Before choosing TECH-SHOWROOM Software, "Tractor Dealers" used several utilities & hard copies of documents to manage their everyday work and that made their work less effective because of data double-entry at various places. The dealers' required fast and easily accessible information on the dealership's activities effectively. As a multiple location dealership and vehicle service maintenance provider, the Dealerships needed to manage various activities, including the fast and precise supply of tractors & spare parts. "Tractor Dealers" wanted to make their work effective starting from the enquiry of tractor to post sales activities to the accounting department and the management.


Dealership's goal was to build a paperless system for an existing manual front-office and back-office activities of a tractor showroom that need to be centrally operated within various phases from pre & post sales. The application should have secured, controlled access defined for users accordingly roles assigned to them.


  • All time availability of solution on various device channels (like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile).
  • Secure level access of application on all the channels.
  • Tackling ongoing change requests from various dealers.
  • Integrity and Centralization of data.
  • Online Support
  • Managing various branches/sub-branches information.

100+ subscriptions for the 1st year of launch, customers satisfied by the models, and give a 5-star rating based on reviews.

Major force behind TECH-SHOWROOM Success was Continuous Research & Innovation

Solution Delivered

The process initiated with planning, brainstorming and building the most optimized solution initially for proof of concept. Once that was achieved and dealership accepted the proof of concept; then the product was developed along with adding lots of new features.

Since then the TECH-SHOWROOM product is emerging and many new requirements are getting implemented on continuous basis. The solution has been tried, tested, and trusted by world's most renowned names and ever-growing showrooms.

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